2012 Martial Arts Performance Show

A big thanks to the martial artists who came to perform at Jimmy’s Martial Arts Alliance Friendship Performance Show on December 8, 2012. It was a huge success! A special thanks to all the spectators! – It was a full house! Even with all tickets sold out, people continued to pay at the door to watch the show, even if there weren’t any seats left! A special thanks to all of our sponsors and supporters! Stay tuned! Our next show in 2013 will be even bigger!

A Big Thanks To This Year’s Performers:

– Lu Suosen (Jingju Director, National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts Beijing)
– Centre D’art Martiaux Lee Ling
– Traditional Martial Arts Association
– Sino-Wushu Academy
– Michelle Jiang
– Songshan Chan Wu Canada Academy
– Feng Huan Wushu Club
– Montreal Kanreikai Karate
– Kaitlyn Louie (2nd Degree Black Belt, U.S. Tae Kwon Do school in Long Island, New York)

For those who couldn’t make it to this year’s show, here is a short trailer/highlight video summing up the entire event!

2012 Hi-Lights:

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